The use of Guarantees of Origin is increasingly widespread throughout Europe, even if the uses in terms of green energy consumption are still heterogeneous from one European country to another.

Greenergy is supporting this change in use and offers its customers the possibility of purchasing Guarantees of Origin certificates by choosing their geographical origin and production mix (solar, wind, hydraulic or biomass).
We thus help our partners to consume 100% green and renewable electricity by offering them quality labels, European standards and production traceability.

Consommer de l’énergie verte est à la portée de tous … vous n’avez pas besoin de changer pas de fournisseur d’électricité.

Greenergy helps you to select the energy source you wish to consume and to define the geographical area of generation concerned. This way you are able to trace the electricity you consume with complete transparency, from the producer.

Why using Guarantees of Origin?


  • This is a traceable and transparent approach to justify the origin and nature of your green electricity.
  • It is a way of acting in accordance with your values and directly supporting the renewable sector by remunerating differentiating and quality electricity.
  • It is a strong signal to your customers, business partners and employees by embodying leadership in sustainable and responsible matters.
  • It is an effective practice to reduce your CO2 footprint and actively participate in the transition to a low-carbon economy.
  • It is an important negotiation lever that you activate with your traditional energy supplier while keeping the flexibility and modulation of your green consumption.


A Guarantee of Origin (GO) certificate makes it possible to trace and certify the origin and source of the electricity you have chosen to consume. Produced exclusively from renewable sources (wind, solar, hydro or biomass) or from cogeneration, GOs are a guarantee that the electricity you consume is CO2-neutral and does not come from the nuclear sector.

A GO certificate corresponds to 1 MWh or 1,000 KWh of electricity produced and fed into the national electricity grid. Buying GOs separately from your traditional electricity means actively contributing to the development of the renewable energy sector and promoting the low-carbon economy. At any time, you are able to justify exactly where your electricity comes from.

  • an identification number;
  • the original renewable source of energy;
  • the name and status of the applicant;
  • the country of issuance;
  • the issuance date;
  • the name and location of the electricity generating installation and its capacity;
  • the start and end dates of the period covered by the application for guarantees of origin;
  • the date on which the installation was commissioned;
  • the type and amount of national aid from which the installation has benefited, including investment aid or the level of the feed-in tariff.

The GO is recognised as a standardised mechanism at European level and a voluntary way of offsetting green energy. Certain companies grouped together within the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) and RE100 use the purchase of GOs to justify responsible and sustainable consumption.